Jun 13, 2011

A new Fair and some pictures

Next Saturday I will be in Paris for the SIMP, if you want to come and say hello my table (despite what is written in the site) is nr. 11.
I will be there with my "Friend in Fairs" Lory, she's not mentioned on the site but she will share the table with me.
Here is a little preview of what you can see in person:

This little Hello Kitty is just 17 mm tall and full jointed! This means that she can move the arms, legs, and even turn the head!
I also made another little dog (unusual due to its color) veeery small and full jointed too, just 10 mm tall, here it is next to my ruler:

 And here trying to jump on a pull toy (poor little guy, so small even for the pull toy LOL):

These pictures are for Christine, who guessed what the green spots on the little shelf of my table in Madrid were. Here is the smallest mouse ever:

 11 mm long and not scary at all, uh?

 Hope you love them!

Jun 12, 2011

Madrid Pictures

As promised here are some pictures I took in Madrid for the Bishop's Miniature Show last May.
Here is my table, spot the guest, Angie come to say hello:

And here is the one of Lory (Lory's Tiny Creations) my "Friend in Fairs":

Then here are some pictures of our neighbour's table, a spanish miniaturist who makes mini food, her name is Candi Martin:

On the other side we had a very nice lady from UK, Karon Cunningham:

And last but not least here is a picture of the Hotel's corridor, our room key demagnetized and Lory is waiting for me, in front of our room ...

.... it remembers something ... doesn't it?

"Here's Johnny!"