Nov 17, 2014

Long overdue post!!

We already are into the month of November and I realised I haven't posted since February ... gosh!
I have been super busy with work, kids, family and real life stuff.
Things have slown down a little now, so I am able find more time for updating my Blog, read the ones I prefer and surf the Pinterest boards I like!
I came home a few days ago from the Philadelphia Miniaturia Show, ohhhh it has been such a nice experience and I have seen so many wonderful teeny tiny items!!
I will be back next year and I really can't wait!

Feb 15, 2014

Hugglets Preview ... part 2

And here are some other mini miniature bears I will take to the Hugglets next week:

Feb 2, 2014

Hugglets Preview

The MUFFA Bears will be at:

Kensington Town Hall
23rd February 2014
CLICK HERE for more information
And here are some of the available bears:


Nov 26, 2013

The BIG Huge project!

I've been busy during all these months that's why I was so quiet and did not post. Moreover I've been involved into the Facebook machine .... Facebook the blog killer!!
My busy time was spent into the BIG Huge project that right now is on hold, taaah daaah:

It's a book about my mini animals with lots of pictures and the patterns to make them.
This is still a draft but took a lot of time to make it.
If you want to see something in person I will be next week-end at the Kensington Dollshouse Festival in London. My table is in the main hall, come to say hello!

May 7, 2013

Something small ... extra small!

Here is something totally "insane":

7mm tall

10mm tall and fully jointed

10mm tall and fully jointed

10mm tall and fully jointed

14mm tall and fully jointed

Apr 10, 2013

The House at Pooh Corner

Been busy in the last few months, in "real life" and in "mini life" that's why I did not update the blog.
Next week I will leave for the Chicago International and I'd love to share with you some pictures of my latest works.
The first one is a book "The House at Pooh Corner" which is a 1/144 scale roombox:

It is  an old and worn book that has a little suprise inside:

Pooh house:

On the second floor there's is the bedroom,  a tiny bed, one chair with pillow, a night table with a candle, a carpet, and a huge picture of Pooh's best friend Piglet.

On the first floor there's a fireplace (I've added a picture on it after taking the picture), a cupboard with tiny dishes and a honey pot, another carpet and little Pooh:

On the back of the roombox there's a map of the 100 Acres Wood and the last page of the book:

This Pooh is the smallest one I have ever made, it is just 8mm tall! It is full jointed, the head turns and the limbs move and it took me forever to make it because of the size!

I made other three books approx like this one, another Pooh house, Piglet house and Eeyore house but they are in 1/48 scale (my eyes still hurts after making this 1/144 scale one LOL)!
If you stay tuned I will post pictures in the next days.